Have you encounter these questions?

  • How many forms of business entities are there in Thailand ?
  • How long does it take to form up a Company in Thailand ?
  • Are there minimum registered share capital required ?
  • Can we have only 2 shareholders in the Company ?
  • Can I use my fixed assets to register as registered share capital ?
  • Can foreigners hold 100% shares in the Company ?
  • Is it true to have THB 2 million registered share capital for having 1 foreign employee in the Company ?
  • Are there any tax advantages in forming up a Holding Company in Thailand?
  • Does the Company need to be registered under VAT ?
  • How come my accounting staff told me that these bills can not be recorded as company’s expenses ?
  • How come the company has profit but has difficulty with the cashflow ?
  • Should the net profit shown on the statement of income be the same as cashflow statement ?
  • What is BOI audit ?

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