Scope of Work

  • We will conduct our audit in according with International Standard on Auditing and, accordingly, will include such tests of the accounting records and such other auditing procedures, as we consider necessary in the circumstances in order to determine with reasonable confidence whether the financial statement of the Company are free of material misstatement.
  • We will also evaluate whether adequate internal controls are in place and functioning effectively.
  • We will also conduct our audit in accordance with the Term of Reference (TOR) or Audit Instruction ( if any).
  • We will also evaluate the financial statement of the company in order to ascertain whether it has been prepared in accordance with the provision of the certain agreement and its governing clauses or not.

Types of Audit Services Provided:

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures :

We have experience in performing the audit based on specific required audit procedures from the following organizations:

    • Board of Investment ( BOI)
    • International Donors eg. SIDA,IWGIA,DANIDA,Diakonia,PCF,NORAD,EC, etc.
  • Statutory Audit

We have experience in performing the statutory audit to submit the audited financial report to the Revenue Department (RD) and Department of Business Development (DBD) for the following industries:

    • Manufacturing eg. Semi-Conductor, Jewelry, Engineering Plastic Parts, Wetsuit and Accessories, Imitation Bait, Sewing Machine,Agricultural Products, etc.
    • Trading eg. Automobile, Department Store, etc.
    • Hotel and Resort
    • Software Development
    • BOI promoted business
    • International Non-Profit Organization

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Other services.

Accounting System Design

Assist you in designing & implementing the accounting system that works for you.

QuickBooks Consulting

QuickBooks is accounting software used to manage a company’s financial data. Our team can make the onboarding process much simpler.

Payroll Service

Preparation of your payroll, compute withholding income tax and social security in accordance to Thai Revenue Code and Labour Law, generate pay-slip ,Tax Return Form and other necessary payroll documents.