Scope of Work

Our tasks will cover the followings:

  • Register the Company and the employees to be under the Social Security System
  • Process payroll using payroll software which will automate computation of withholding income tax,and social security deduction according to Thai Law
  • Prepare Pay slips, Payroll reports , Social Security reports, Withholding Income Tax report
  • Deposit money into each individual’s bank account ( if required)
  • Submit Withholding Tax Return form (PND1) to the Revenue Department
  • Submit Social Security reports to the Social Security Department
  • Prepare and submit Yearly Withholding Tax Return Forms ( PND 1 Kor ) and submit to Revenue Department
  • Prepare and submit Yearly Social Security Report ( Kor Tor 20 ) and submit to Social Security Office
  • Prepare Personal Income Tax Return Form ( PND 91) , if required


Every payment period, we will deliver you with the followings:

  • Pay Slips for all employees.
  • Payroll summary report broken down by department and individual employee.
  • A copy of withholding income tax forms ( Por Ngor Dor1).
  • A copy of Social Security Report

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Other services.

Company Registration

Preparation of all government forms and paper work and registration process for your company.

Accounting System Design

Assist you in designing & implementing the accounting system that works for you.

Accounting & Tax Outsourcing Services

We offered outsourcing accounting, tax compliance and tax advisory services for the companies who just starting a business in Thailand, or have difficulty in recruiting and retaining qualified staff.